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Seasonal (Quonset) High Tunnel Greenhouse

30X96 HighTunnel 1 800x533 

30X96 HighTunnel 2 800x533 30X96 HighTunnel 3 800x409 30X96 HighTunnel 4 800x533


This Greenhouse (High Tunnel) gives Mother Nature a boost for a longer growing season and a higher yield of crops.

The High Tunnel is an unheated, plastic covered structure that provides a little more control over the elements when compared to an open field.

A High Tunnel structure is tall enough to walk around in comfortably and to grow tall crops.

Some high tunnels are built on skids so that the whole structure can be moved during the production cycle or garage sized doors on both ends to allow tractors to work on the crops within the high tunnel.

Side curtains and end walls will help with ventilation as well as a shade cloth to reduce the interior temperature, by about 4 degrees, during the heat of summer.

Your crops will be protected from wind and rain therefore an irrigation system will be needed to provide moisture for optimal growth.