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Dura Bench Ultra Table Top

Dura Bench Ultra Black Table Top 

The Dura Bench ULTRA black tables tops are designed to cover 2' x 4' with supports every 2'. Dura Bench Table Tops give you break strength of more than 600 lbs and years of service. Dura Bench Tops are easy to clean, resulting in better disease control. The 2' x 4' (8 sq.ft, nominal) non-porous polypropylene plastic panel is designed with 1.1" x 2.1" rectangular holes for easy cleaning, and is engineered to interconnect with otherDURA-BENCH ULTRA panels with nylon clips to create a smooth, flat bench surface.These benches have been proven in our operation and we believe they will be proven in yours. Give us a call and we will discuss your options for the Dura Bench. Weight: (1 panel = 7 lb) (1 pallet = 1110lbs) There are 210 Dura Bench Ultra Table Tops on a pallet.

**Note Orders less then 50 tops will have a $50.00  Samll order fee added**


Ultra Table Top Clips

These clips are used to fasten the Dura-Bench Ultra Table Tops together. They are sold separately from the Table Tops and come in packs of 100




* Ultra Dura Bench: