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Keep the heat and lose the drips! Klerks sets the standard in the industry for long lasting anti-condensation, the standard to which all other companies compare. All anti-condensates work when they’re new, but no other film’s anti-condensate additive keeps on working for you after the first or second year like Klerks does.

  • Anti-condensation - Removes the condensation from the film surface by providing an industrial soap additive. That keeps the films surface tension low where droplets will not form. Water will spread out and “sheet” to the gutters.
  • Infra-Red - This film helps conserve energy by holding longer IR wavelengths in the house at night. This keeps the heaters from cycling as often and saves on energy. Has one of the highest thermal ratings of any film in the industry.
  • Diffusion – Breaks up the light and spreads it throughout your greenhouse. Gives your plant even, cool light that can reach below the canopy.

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