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Berry Value-Line Seeder

 Value line seeder 1  

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This Berry seeder is perfect for mid-size operations that need production and only have a couple of seed sized to sow it is one of the fastest and most accurate seeders anywhere at any price. It seeds watermelons to raw petunias in plug trays as well as cell packs. This package only includes the vacuum and seeder! Custom designs available. No motors solenoids, bearings, or electrical to break down or wear out. Anyone can operate it's that easy!


1 - Made of light weight polycarbonate and machined aluminum

2 - Transparent seeder body allows for easy inspection for clogged holes or misses

3 - See the whole plug tray at once, not one row at a time, insures that What you see is What you get!

4 - No annoying holder is required as with some designs. The trays are directly seeded

5 - Corrosion Resistant

6 - Seed up to 500 plus trays per hour with unequaled accuracy

7 - Tapper/Vibrator insures greater than 99% accuracy

8 - Recirculating Seed Channel

9 - Spring-loaded hinge system insures fatigue-free seeding

10 - Seeds most spherical and semi-spherical seed

11 - Dibble Press adapts to virtually any Dibbler

12 - Fast, Easy and Accurate!

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