Planters Paper Mulch

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Planters Paper Mulch

Planters paper mulch

Advantages of Planters Paper


Biodegradable! Just till-in your Planters Paper at the end of the season.


Many growers and gardeners seek an alternative to plastic mulch that is environmentally friendly and does not require labor for field removal. Planters Paper offers most of the benefits of black plastic film, and it naturally degrades in the soil. Although it does not stretch like plastic, it does have the strength needed for mechanical installation.

Planters Paper is degradable and does not have to be removed from the field at the end of the season. It contains no harmful ingredients and leaves no harmful residue in the soil. However, the paper can degrade prematurely along the edges if it is secured with a single layer of soil. The paper naturally expands when wet and shrinks when dry, and it can tear along the edges of the soil line and lift in the wind. To prevent this, secure the edges of the paper with additional soil periodically throughout the season.

Planters Paper is available for professional growers in rolls 4' x 1500' and 4' x 500'.

Planters Paper is available in retail sizes at 24" x 50' (24ct case) and 4' x 100'.

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