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Drip Tape

DripTapeChapin Drip Tape   



BTF 5/8" 8Mil 12" Spacing .25 GPM 1'000 Roll

  • Manufactured from special grade virgin plastic using state-of-the art technology that guarantees the best results.
  • Precision formed flow path channels.
  • Large cross-sectional, hydraulically designed high vortex, turbulent flow-path that makes it a clog resistant drip tape.
  • Economical.
  • Off center slit outlets restricts water movement along the tape and ensures each drop falls to the soil.
  • Slit outlet, prevents entrance of the soil through outlet.
  • Lower tension while winding ensures less retraction in the field and avoids kinking.
  • Excellent CVm and emitter exponent makes longer length of run possible.
  • Minimum 100 micron filtration recommended.
Drip Tape